Our firm is here to help you navigate your legal matters with compassion and professionalism that goes above and beyond. 

This is why our firm's mantra is the informed and educated client. We want our clients to be equipped with the knowledge to make the best possible decisions for themselves and their loved ones. Our firm's commitment to transparency and the best interests of our clientele sets us apart in our field and is reflected in the feedback we receive from those we represent. 


 how we can help

We are dedicated to helping our clients with their individual situations. Our goal is to accomplish the best possible outcomes for family law matters of all varieties.

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family law

From adoption to mediation, our expertise means we can work effectively with you to solve many types of family-related legal problems.

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 collaborative law

We offer an alternative to traditional litigation for divorce and modification. This approach that puts civility first and avoids the interference of the courts in your personal, life-changing decisions.

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  • Denise was great during a time of great stress in my life. Not only a great lawyer but great in telling me about the over-all process (of divorce; and then later a pre-nuptial agreement) and assuring me that I could and would indeed survive the process.
    — Barry
  • Denise was very good to work with from the start to finish of my case. She listened to what I had to say and could even understand where I was coming from when trying to explain how I felt about my what I was going through and the things that I wanted out of my divorce. She always made me feel welcome to talk with her and she would always listen to what i had to say. She got me exactly what I wanted from my divorce and could of not asked for anything more. I would recommend anyone to work with Denise on any case they might have because I had nothing but a great experience with her on mine.
    — Jeffrey
  • Mrs. Khoury represented us in a very difficult case that our previous attorney gave up on and others showed no interest in taking on. She would respond to our concerns no matter what time of day or night it was and her advice was always spot on. We had concerns due to our prior attorney and her lack of moving the case forward, but after our first court appearance and the favorable results we received from her representation, Mrs. Khoury will ALWAYS be the attorney we want on our side.
    — Lynn
  • During a very difficult time in my life Denise stood by my side and fought for my fair treatment especially when it came to my daughter. She took pride in my case and I felt that I was her only client. She never backed down on what she thought was fair and just and she took the time to teach me about what was going on and the steps involved. I felt that I had a friend on my side as opposed to a hired hand. I would go no where else than to Denise for future legal needs.
    — Garrett