Top notch. Mrs. Khoury represented us in a very difficult case that our previous attorney gave up on and others showed no interest in taking on. She would respond to our concerns no matter what time of day or night it was and her advice was always spot on. We had concerns due to our prior attorney and her lack of moving the case forward, but after our first court appearance and the favorable results we received from her representation, Mrs. Khoury will ALWAYS be the attorney we want on our side.
— Lynn

She’s a fighter. During a very difficult time in my life Denise stood by my side and fought for my fair treatment especially when it came to my daughter. She took pride in my case and I felt that I was her only client. She never backed down on what she thought was fair and just and she took the time to teach me about what was going on and the steps involved. I felt that I had a friend on my side as opposed to a hired hand. I would go no where else than to Denise for future legal needs.
— Garrett

She made a hard life situation easier to deal with!
Denise would always take the time to listen to me and try to help me make sense of what was going on. She kept me informed and would always answer my questions and if she did not know she would find out in a very timely manner. She is very friendly and always willing to listen and she really knows what she is talking about also. In the end we got exactly what we were looking for, if not more. I would recommend her to anyone I know that is looking for some help in family law or a divorce case.
— Jeff

Above and beyond. Denise has done a fantastic job in my divorce representation. She has been wonderful in working with the opposing council who has been extremely difficult to work with every step of the way. She is professional, experienced and has bent over backwards to protect my interest in every way. She has gone above and beyond what I expected, communicating at all hours of the day and on weekends when necessary.

I am living out of the State of Texas, making the situation even more difficult for her, yet she has handled this added difficulty very well.

She has been very responsive to the ever changing situation and is always concerned with the most important part of the divorce, the children! She has done everything in her power to make sure they were taken care, protected and the final outcome was as much in thier favor as possible.
— Doug

Would recommend to a friend. Was very professional and helpful. Explained what needed to be explained and answered my questions as needed. Would use Denise’s services again if needed.
— Omar

Top Flight Family Lawyer Found in Houston
Denise was great during a time of great stress in my life. Not only a great lawyer but great in telling me about the over-all process (of divorce; and then later a pre-nuptial agreement) and assuring me that I could and would indeed survive the process.

Denise was on top of the program at all times and was very savvy when it came to court politics and knowing how to best employ the nuances in the laws and court rules. She fought for what was best for me and strived to understand the specifics of my case that made it unique from other cases - a divorce is a divorce is a divorce but each case has different circumstances and personalities involved and Denise did not try to handle my case in a cookie-cutter fashion.

While in the waiting room of her practice I could see that she represented a variety of people from all walks of life. Based on my interactions with her my guess is that all of her clients were treated respectfully and received as much attention as did I.

She has an aptitude for listening and dealing with tough adversaries. I would highly recommend her. I consider her a top-flight attorney.
— Barry

A wonderful surprise
My husband and I decided for me to legally adopt my step children who were 13 and 14 at the time and lost their birth mother many years ago. Considering there were no objecting parties from me, the kids, my husband and even their birth mother’s mother!, we were shocked to hear that the children were required to be assigned a lawyer by the government to represent them. However, when Denise came in to do her work, we were blown away. She gave the kids absolute respect and an open pathway to express any concerns they might have. Even though it was an open and shut case, she put so much time and care into assuring this was the right move for us all. It is apparent that Denise does this with all her clients, as she truly worked with all her heart and soul. We were sad to see her go when it was all finished. I would choose Denise to represent me with any legal matters I might have in the future.
— Cara

Great lawyer and was there with me from start to finish!
Denise was very good to work with from start to finish of my case. She listen to what i have to say and could even understand where I was coming from when trying to explain how I felt about my what I was going through and the things that I wanted out of my divorce. She always made me feel welcome to talk with her and she would always listen to what i had to say. She got me exactly what i wanted from my divorce and could of not asked for anything more. I would recommend anyone to work with Denise on any case they might have because I had nothing but a great experience with her on mine.
— Jeffrey