It is our primary goal to inform you and to offer the best, most reasonable solutions to your legal problems. We encourage a collaborative approach, but we will fight for your interests when situations call for a more aggressive approach.

family law

Our principal, Denise Guajardo Khoury, PC is board certified in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Her legal expertise benefits clients by informing them of the processes and rights inherent to their situations, and her personalized attention to their needs. Explore the areas of GK Family Law’s professional legal services:


The dissolution of a marriage is a painful process that comes with many challenges, emotional and financial. Our firm is here to help you face your legal challenges with the best approach, designed to minimize the stress on you and your family. Below is more information on the types of divorce proceedings for which we provide counsel:

Collaborative Law

The collaborative approach allows for civility in legal proceedings whereby parties can respectfully decide together what is best for their family. Collaboration law enables you to save time, money and turmoil commonly associated with this major life event. Learn more about our collaborative law services: