Unbundling legal services, also known as limited-scope services, is a breakdown of options for the client – an a-la-carte approach to legal representation that can limit the scope of the amount of work the attorney is hired to do and the cost the client pays.

The client can chose unbundling from the beginning of the engagement and augment as necessary/desired. The services must be clearly defined, and by limiting, the client accepts the responsibility for doing the footwork for the remainder of the legal matter. Some examples of unbundled legal services are:

  • Ghostwriting (where the attorney drafts the legal documents, but the client appears in the case 'Pro Se' – as representing themselves, or where the retained attorney drafts on behalf of the attorney of record representing the shared client). May be retained to draft pleadings, briefs, orders, etc.
  • Document review and subsequent advice
  • Negotiating
  • Making limited appearance(s) in front of the court
  • Advising on court procedures and courtroom behavior/maneuvering
  • Witness preparation/Role playing
  • Strategy/procedural advising
  • Preparing exhibits
  • Representation in Deposition (defending or taking)
  • Attending mediation or other alternative dispute resolution
  • Discovery organization, response/object and advice
  • Providing legal guidance/opinions
  • "Collaborative Lawyering"

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