The process of adoption is exciting but can also be confusing and the legal requirements overwhelming. We are here to help make this major life event easier with expert advice and legal assistance.

In the adoption process, the legal rights and responsibilities of the birth parents are transferred to the adoptive parents. These legal rights are the same as if the individual, whether they are a child or an adult, had been born biologically to the adoptive parents.  It is crucial to have an adoption attorney in these matters. 

In the case of stepparent adoption – the most common form in the state of Texas – the rights of one of the parents must be terminated before rights can be granted to the stepparent. These rights and responsibilities extend beyond a divorce, should one occur between the parent and stepparent. The parent whose rights are terminated must either be done so voluntarily, or the State has terminated rights due to abandonment, abuse or neglect, or they are deemed unfit to parent. Terminating the rights of a parent is a serious legal matter and it must be proven that there is just cause in doing so in cases where the parent does not voluntarily relinquish their rights.

If you are considering adoption of either a child or an adult, contact us for the experience you need on your side.

My husband and I decided for me to legally adopt my step children who were 13 and 14 at the time and lost their birth mother many years ago. Considering there were no objecting parties from me, the kids, my husband and even their birth mother’s mother!, we were shocked to hear that the children were required to be assigned a lawyer by the government to represent them. However, when Denise came in to do her work, we were blown away. She gave the kids absolute respect and an open pathway to express any concerns they might have. Even though it was an open and shut case, she put so much time and care into assuring this was the right move for us all. It is apparent that Denise does this with all her clients, as she truly worked with all her heart and soul. We were sad to see her go when it was all finished. I would choose Denise to represent me with any legal matters I might have in the future.
— Cara