High Conflict and/or
Mental Health or Addiction Issues

Divorce typically brings forth negativity and many emotions for those involved, however most divorces are not characterized as “high conflict.” For those that are classified as such expert legal help is invaluable. GK Family Law is committed to serving clients who find themselves in the middle of high conflict divorce situations with the best legal advice and representation.

A major goal for any person going through a divorce is to come through able to heal and move forward in life having learned valuable lessons, while looking forward to healthy relationships to come. In the midst of a high-conflict divorce it can be difficult to maintain focus on the end goal: resolution and healing. 

It’s important for the spouse dealing with a person who is conflict-driven, mentally unstable or drug/alcohol addicted to have strong legal protections in place both for themselves as well as their children. Contact us today to determine what is best for your high-conflict situation. We can file all necessary documents to put protections in place for you and your children.  


Children and High Conflict Divorce

Children can be seriously detrimentally impacted in high conflict divorces. They can be used by their parents as pawns to manipulate and hurt one another, and can fail to learn important life skills that will allow them to thrive in their own relationships when they become adults. Children might grow up to think that the best solution is always to avoid conflict instead of learning how to resolve it. They may also act out in ways that increase their stress level as well as the stress of their parents and siblings, further impacting an already difficult situation. Parenting classes and therapy can be excellent tools to help children through a very difficult situation, teaching them the right skills rather than leaving them on their own to sort out their mixed emotions and the sense of loss when their home dynamic changes.

Information on parenting courses and Our Family Wizard – an online calendaring program where parents can post the children’s appointments and extracurricular activities – are available in our Helpful Information section.

If you are in the midst of a high-conflict situation and/or need skilled legal help in dealing with a mentally ill or drug/alcohol addicted spouse, contact us today for a consultation. If you feel you or your children are in danger, please see our Helpful Information section for additional resources.