It is our mission to provide those we represent with the best legal counsel. Part of this mission is providing our clients access to a wealth of informational resources as well as easy access to relevant legal documents to keep their case moving forward – our mantra: the informed and educated client.

I wouldn’t wish a divorce on my worst enemy. Even the ‘amicable’ ones can be emotionally exhausting. If a person is going to go through a divorce or custody lawsuit, we want to make sure that they are fully informed about the process, the law, and their rights and options.
— Denise Guajardo Khoury, Principal

Denise khoury

Firm founder, Denise Khoury, is a skilled family law attorney with over a decade of experience in handling Texas, interstate, and international cases with clients whose first language is English or Spanish. Ms. Khoury is a certified and experienced mediator who believes that when parties settle outside of court, their temporary or final agreement will have a better chance of long-term success. She is also a strong proponent of parties resolving their issues through the Collaborative Law process; a successful form of Alternative Dispute Resolution, which focuses on handling sensitive family law matters in a private, custom way outside of the standard, public courthouse experience. Additionally, Denise Khoury serves as Amicus Attorney representing the best interest of children who are in the middle of litigation.

Prior to graduating from South Texas College of Law in downtown Houston, Texas, Ms. Khoury attended the University of St. Thomas where she graduated with a B.A. in International Studies and Business. Ms. Khoury is a native Houstonian with long-lasting friendships that originated from her elementary, middle school, and high school years at Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart. After Houston, Ms. Khoury's home and heart is with her extended family in Mexico. Her husband and partner of many years inspires her love of Middle Eastern history, culture, and food.  

Ms. Khoury takes pride in the work, passion, and empathy that she provides for each client and their uniquely personal life events that have lead them to seek her services, whether for filing an original suit, simply seeking advice and education, or rectifying mistakes of prior counsels.  

Denise was very good to work with from start to finish of my case. She listen to what i have to say and could even understand where I was coming from when trying to explain how I felt about my what I was going through and the things that I wanted out of my divorce. She always made me feel welcome to talk with her and she would always listen to what i had to say. She got me exactly what i wanted from my divorce and could of not asked for anything more. I would recommend anyone to work with Denise on any case they might have because I had nothing but a great experience with her on mine.
— Jeffrey