Uncontested Divorce

This is the quickest and least expensive route to obtaining a divorce. In uncontested divorce situations both parties are in agreement on all aspects of their separation, including:

  • Grounds of insupportability
  • Shared parental time and responsibilities
  • The amount and duration of any child support
  • The amount and duration of any spousal support
  • The division of all assets
  • The division of all debts
  • Total asset valuation does not exceed $500,000

All issues, whether child-related or financial, are settled between the parties (or attorneys) resulting in the parties' divorce after the standard Texas waiting period without having to litigate in court. We prepare documents and submit filings on behalf of our client. Should any conflict or disagreement occur during the proceedings the divorce becomes “contested” and the parties proceed to either mediation to address the disagreements, or the case is taken to trial.


Is mediation right for you?

We are here to help you and your spouse reach an agreement on any unresolved issues pertaining to your pending divorce.  Mediation is often required by the family law courts before final trial.  It is a private, out-of-court process wherein an independent party (the mediator) helps the parties reach resolution, whether temporary or final, a partial or complete agreement, which saves you money, time, and stress. Successful mediation means you and your spouse can move forward and avoid costly litigation and court fees. 


How do I know if my divorce is uncontested?

If you and your spouse agree on what to put in your Divorce Decree regarding the aspects listed above and your spouse is willing to sign it, your divorce is considered “uncontested.” There are other factors that complicate a divorce and make it “contested.” Contact us today for a consultation so that we can determine what best applies to your situation.