International Divorce

Dealing with the various complications and jurisdictional questions of a divorce for couples who live internationally, or have property or other assets internationally requires the skills of an experienced attorney. GK Family Law can help you tackle these complexities that will seriously affect the outcome of your case. 


Child Custody Issues

The primary residence of a child or children typically determines custody in international divorce scenarios. The United States and other countries conform to the Hague Convention on Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. This treaty is designed to prevent parents from taking children across international borders in order to avoid custody proceedings in their country of origin. Parents may try to sidestep custody requirements by claiming the children reside somewhere other than their primary residence in an effort to skew custody determinations. These challenges are why it is of utmost importance to obtain skilled legal counsel from the beginning of the case. 


Division of Assets

Premarital and postmarital agreements entered into in other countries create legal hurdles, as well as determination of the jurisdiction and valuation when it comes to dividing assets. Because other countries have their own laws regarding valuation, transfer and division of assets, determining jurisdiction is key. Enforcement overseas can also become an issue even when Texas courts are determined to have jurisdiction. You need legal counsel in addressing these matters to ensure your case is handled properly.

If you live abroad or have assets abroad and need expert legal representation, contact GK Family Law today for a consultation.