High Net Worth/Property Valuation Divorce

Cases where significant assets are at stake make for a more complicated divorce, and there are many issues that can arise in these cases. Our firm is equipped to handle your case with expertise while respecting the privacy of those involved. We work hard during the discovery process to make sure all pertinent information is brought to light. We also help you navigate the often-complex division of assets so you know to what you are entitled.


Discovery and Expert Testimony

GK Family Law has the resources to help clients in the complicated processes of discovery and expert testimony. In high net worth cases it is common for one or both parties to employ valuation and tracing experts in order to provide an accurate assessment of property value and the origin of such property. In cases where a spouse has brought assets into or received assets independent of their spouse, e.g., a family inheritance, those assets may not be subject to the division that other shared assets are. It is important to value and characterize assets appropriately so that division is fair and just.


Protecting your interests and privacy

GK Family Law will assist you in maintaining your privacy and determining the best approach to spousal and child support if it pertains to your case as well. Mediation and arbitration can confidentially address conflicts independent of the hearings held openly in court. Collaborative law allows for confidentiality and more control on the part of the parties involved and may be a better route for your case. An Agreement Incident to Divorce can also supplement your final decree with added privacy from the public record. Our firm is dedicated to achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients in high net worth situations. Contact us to schedule a consultation today.